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SMA calibration kit - Kirkby Microwave 85033.

This SMA calibration kit is suitable for all Agilent, HP, Anritsu, Copper Mountain, LA Techniques, Rohde & Schwarz, Picotech, National Instruments and SDR-kits VNAs. Sometimes SMA calibration kits are referred to as SMA cal kits. The 85033 is really an SMA calibration and verification kit, as an attenuator included with the kit allows the calibration to be verified. However, the name SMA calibration kit is used, to be consistent with industry practice.

The kit is available in version from 7 to 12 GHz, with the 7 GHz being the cheapest, and the 12 GHz being the most expensive.

SMA calibration kit

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  2. Additional options - to improve functionality or performance.
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Introduction to the 85033 SMA calibration and verification kit

The 85033 SMA calibration kit is suitable for calibrating all HP, Agilent, Keysight, Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz and Copper Mountain vector network analyzers. As well as the leading manufacturers of VNAs listed, the kit can be used to calibrate virtually any vector network analyzer to enable SMA, 3.5 mm or 2.92 mm coaxial devices to be measured, irrespective of the test ports on the VNA (N, 3.5 mm, APC7, 2.4 mm etc). In addition to the leading manufacturers of VNAs, the kit has been used with VNAs from Picotech, National Instruments, LA Techniques and SDR-kits. The kit includes parts for both male and female genders, so it is not restricted to male or female components only as some VNA calibration kits are male SMA calibration kit or female SMA calibration kit available from other manufacturers.

The maximum frequency range of the SMA coaxial calibration kit can be chosen to be 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12 GHz, with 7 GHz being the cheapest, and 12 GHz the most expensive. The kit is both a calibration and a verification kit since is supplied with an attenuator which can be used to verify the calibration is correct. The S-parameters of the attenuator was measured on an HP 8720D (20 GHz) VNA using an Agilent 85052B 26.5 GHz 3.5 mm calibration kit. After setting up the VNA to use the calibration kit, calibrating the VNA, the user can check the VNA is performing correctly by measuring the attenuator which is provided and comparing that to the measured results, which are on a USB stick supplied with the kit.

Options to improve functionality or performance

The standard 85033 SMA kit has an upper-frequency limit of 7 GHz and includes all the components necessary for a VNA calibration kit. However, the following options are available to increase performance and or functionality:

The standard VNA calibration kit for SMA connectors, which includes an attenuator for verification purposes, has the following properties:

Specifications of the SMA calibration and verification kit - SMA cal kit

The specifications of the 85033 standard SMA calibration kit are as follows.

If one of the options 001 (RP SMA devices), 002 (U.FL devices), or 004 (torque wrench), then a larger Pelican 1060 case is used, which increases the size to 251 x 142 x 67 mm, and increases the weight a little too.

Purchasing the 85033 SMA calibration and verification kit

The SMA calibration kit may be purchased in several ways. The prices vary somewhat depending on where bought, the method of payment, the currency, due to the commission charged by various bodies (banks, Paypal, eBay etc). If people want a proforma invoice or formal quotation, let us know, and we will produce one.

The kit is available in a black or yellow case. If the kit is to be used outside, such as for antenna work, a yellow case is much more visible than the black one, so is more suitable. Otherwise, it is purely a personal preference.

It is ESSENTIAL we have a telephone number for the courier. We usually use UPS or FedEx, both of which require a telephone number before we can book the courier. If there are any problems with delivery, the courier will usually telephone you.


You may Order on eBay. Despite the auction saying this is for an HP/Agilent VNA, the SMA calibration kit will, in fact, work with almost any VNA.

Purchasing from Amazon

The calibration kit is available in available in a black or yellow box. Yellow is reccomended if the kit will be used outside, as the yellow is highly visible. But otherwise, it is purely a matter of personal choice.

Bank transfer in GBP

Payment by bank transfer is the cheapest if paid from a UK bank account. Please ensure you email us at for a quotation, as we can't give a specific price on the website due to the number of options available.

Payments should be made to the following bank account.

Other payment methods

If you wish to pay by any other method, then please contact us to discuss this.

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